The Jet Wing

Jet Drive Stabilizing System Demonstration Video

The video clips are in the following order:
Cut 1 - Controlling the boat without a JetWing
Cut 2 - Installation of the JetWing
Cut 3 - The difference a JetWing makes!

Jet Wing

Models and Applications

The Jet Wing comes in three different models which fit over 50 different jet drive outboard motors including:

  • Johnson/Evenrude
  • Mercury
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Tohatsu/Nisson

Find your jet drive model below for the proper Jet Wing to fit your motor. See your authorized Jet Wing dealer or call (570) 784-1572 for questions or help with model applications.

Visit for warranty information, FAQ's, and other information about the Jet Wing.

Jet Wing

What is the Jet Wing?

The Jet Wing stabilizing system provides the improved steering control and response you need in low speed situations such as: trolling, maneuvering around obstacles and in launching and retrieving operations.

  • The Jet Wing attaches to your Jet Drive outboard intake
  • Assembly and installation requires NO DRILLING and NO MODIFICATIONS to the motor
  • Total time to assemble and install is typically 15 - 30 minutes
  • Assembly and installation instructions, hex wrench and hardware are included
  • Made from thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance
  • Contains a proprietary weatherable cap layer for improved performance in most environments - making Jet Wing an excellent component for marine conditions where good weatherability is required
  • Each piece individually inspected for highest quality assurance
  • 1 year warranty on parts and material
  • Manufactured and packaged in USA

Mike Hinkel - NJ

"There was no way I was going to catch this Lake Ontario, 20 pound, 6 ounce Altlantic Salmon without the Jet Wing. I was totally impressed by it's ability to control my boat at 2.0-3.5 mph trolling speeds. Awesome product!!"

The Bloomsburg Fire Department Water Rescue Team

The Bloomsburg Fire Department Water Rescue Team gives the Jet Wing a thumbs up on their 150 hp Evenrude.


Locate your jet drive model below and click on the corresponding PayPal® button to buy a Jet Wing now for only $99.00 + $10 S/H

Jet Wing - Model JWI

JWI - Fits Intake 853 ONLY


  • AE 30-25HP 1988-PRESENT
  • AE 4-30 30-25HP 2002-PRESENT
  • AE 40 40HP 1988-PRESENT


  • BA 25 HP 1987-PRESENT


  • V 25- 18HP 1980-2005

Jet Wing - Model JWII

JWII - Fits Intake 1326 ONLY


  • AB/ABL 60-40HP 1971-1988
  • ABL03 50-40HP 2003-PRESENT
  • AF/AF93 50-40HP 1989-2005
  • Q35 35-20HP 1976-PRESENT


  • F40 (AJ-43) 40-30 1995-PRESENT
  • AJ 50-40HP 1995-PRESENT
  • AJ-44 60-50HP 2002-PRESENT
  • Z 25-30HP 1983-2002
  • F60 60-40HP 2002-PRESENT


  • AK/AK-43 50-40HP 1998-2005
  • EF 50-40HP 1965-1997


  • AH 50-40HP 1990-PRESENT


  • AI 50HP 1992-PRESENT

Jet Wing - Model JWIII

JWIII - Fits Intakes 497, 1602, and 1332


  • T85 85-75HP 1982-2000
  • AL225-150HP 1993-2003
  • AP 115-90HP 2001-PRESENT
  • W 140-115HP 1986-2001


  • AA4 130-115HP 1983-PRESENT
  • AA6 225-150HP 1983-PRESENT
  • AA6P 225-175HP 1991-PRESENT
  • AA115-4 115HP 2000-PRESENT
  • AQ 250-200HP 1998-PRESENT
  • AW 150HP 2003-PRESENT
  • Y70-04 70-60HP 2004-PRESENT
  • Y90 90-75HP 1983-PRESENT
  • Y100 100-75HP 2003-PRESENT


  • AGL-44 60-50HP 2001-PRESENT
  • ACL-44 50HP 1998-2000
  • G125 125-100HP 1988-2005
  • AC90T 90-80HP 1987-2005
  • AC100T 125-100HP 1988-2005
  • AC115 OPT 115-75HP 2003-PRESENT
  • AN-4M 115-75HP 1999-2006
  • AN-4M20T 115HP 2007
  • S 220-135HP 1996-PRESENT
  • 60-40HP PRESENT


  • AD90 90-70HP 1988-PRESENT
  • AD140 140-115HP 1989-PRESENT


  • AAN90 90-70HP 1996-2006
  • BE 90-75HP 2007
  • AN130 130-115HP 1998-PRESENT
  • AY 150-135HP 2004-PRESENT